What are the requirements?

To use Easy cPanel Backup you just need a PC with Windows and a Web hosting with cPanel installed. Easy cPanel Backup work on most shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server. Both your PC and hosting should have enough space to store backups files.

What is included in the backup?

Easy cPanel Backup automatically creates full cpanel backup of your cpanel account and then automatically download them locally in your PC. A full cpanel backup contains all of your website data, including files, images, databases, emails, domains, subdomains and everything else that is included in your cPanel Account.

Where can I save my backups?

You can save backup files locally on your PC and in any other connected device, such as: external hard disk, usb pen drive, NAS storage, etc.

How much space will it take?

Easy cPanel backup is very light, and only use 5MB. The size of the backups depend on your website. If you are worried about space you can use the “auto-delete” feature included in Easy cPanel Backup.

Can I enable automatic backups deletion?

Yes, you can enable automatic backups deletion by entering the numeber of days after which you want to delete your local and remote backup files. Enter “0” to disable the auto-delete backups feature.

Does it work when my PC is shut down?

No, Easy cPanel Backup only works when your computer is on and the program is running. If you sleep a PC and then turn back on, it will restart automatically.

Are software updates included?

Yes they are. Log in to your client area to download the latest version of Easy cPanel Backup and run the installer to update your copy of the program.

What features will be included soon?

Some of the most important features that we will implement in the next releases of Easy cPanel Backup are: backup multiple websites, automatically start Easy cPanel Backup on windows start, FTPs, and more.

How can I uninstall Easy cPanel Backup?

To uninstall Easy cPanel Backup from your computer: open windows “Control panel” and click “Uninstall a program”. Select “Easy cPanel Backup” and click “Uninstall”. Click “Yes” to uninstall Easy cPanel Backup from your computer. Video tutorial

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

For any question about Easy cPanel Backup please don’t hesitate to contact us via email from this page.